Road Trip Southwest Australia 2016

Photos from the three field trips through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The trips were organized by the ICAR IX organizing committee and they did an excellent job. Thanks a lot to Paul, Patrick and all the others.
Travel-Australia L1280465 L1280469 L1280473
L1280481 L1280489 L1280494 L1280499
L1280518 L1280521 L1280544 L1280549
L1280595 L1280607 L1280616 L1280618
L1280644 L1280645 L1280650 L1280651
L1280662 L1280665 L1280666 L1280674
L1280685 L1280692 L1280698 L1280699
L1280706 L1280713 L1280714 L1280783
L1280789 L1280797 L1280799 L1280801
L1280802 L1280805 L1280816 L1280819
L1280824 L1280834 L1280840 L1280843
L1280858 L1280870 L1280874 L1280876
L1280878 L1280879 L1280880 L1280885
L1280887 L1280888 L1280889 L1280890
L1280891 L1280894 L1280895 L1280897
L1280898 L1280901 L1280904 L1280905
L1280906 L1280973 L1280974 L1280975
L1280980 L1280983 L1280988 L1280991
L1280997 L1290011 L1290016 L1290021
L1290025 L1290029 L1290033 L1290041
L1290053 L1290055 L1290064 L1290065
L1290069 L1290072 L1290075 L1290076
L1290079 L1290080 L1290081 L1290093
L1290098 L1290102 L1290115 L1290117
L1290129 L1290134 L1290140 L1290145
L1290152 L1290157 L1290163 L1290165
L1290166 L1290172 L1290186 L1290192
L1290194 L1290196 L1290198 L1290222
L1290224 L1290239 L1290250 L1290251
L1290252 L1290255 L1290258 L1290261
L1290270 L1290273 L1290276 L1290280
L1290287 L1290311 L1290312 L1290317
L1290319 L1290322 L1290336