London 2011-2012 - part 2

After we started in part 1 with an overview of this great city and many of its touristic highlights, part 2 shows places of worship, wisdom and commerce.This part is finished off by some pictures from London's many railway stations, the underground, taxis, bikes and the Regent's Canal. Watch out for part 3 where we enter London's parks and have a look on how the different zones of the city look like.
102 P-L1090115 103 L1100116 104-L1100141 105 L1100134 107-L1100154
108-L1100150 109-L1130189 110-L1130227 111-L1130111 112-L1030568
113-L1030574 114-L1110823 115-L1110826 116-L1110832 117-L1030917
118-L1100776 119-L1130771 120-L1130783 121-L1130796 122-L1050138
123-L1050155-2 124-L1050156 125-L1050159 126-L1010849 127-L1100854
128-L1100837 129-L1100839 130-L1130319 131 L1120218 132 L1120222
133-L1060042 134-L1060043 135-L1060986 136-L1020655 137-L1020656
138-L1020660 139-L1100183 140-L1140807 141-L1060958 142-L1060020
143-L1060027 144-L1050988 145-L1060003 146-L1060033 147-L1060034
148-L876 149-L1070020 150-L1070035 151-L1070054 152-L1020112
153-L1100308 154-L1020167 155-L1070555 156-L1070549 157-L1070557
158-L1070566 159-L1070517 160-L1070539 161-L1070530 162-L1070532
163-L1070533 164-L1050979 165-L1050982 166-L1050984 167-L1090106
168-L1090030 169-L1100327 170-L1110794 171-L1120178 172-L1100103
173-L1110302 174-L1120183 175-L1150230 176-L1020066 177-L1120197
178-L1070604 179-L1100067 180 L1100098 181-L1070916 182-L1110236
183-L1020674 184-L1070926 185-L1070927 186-L1070933 187-L1140750