China 2015

Pictures from our short trip to Shanghai and Nanjing in October 2015.
L1260058 L1260061 L1260064 L1260072
L1260075 L1260077 L1260081 L1260089
L1260141 L1260148 L1260150 L1260153
L1260156 L1260158 L1260159 L1260163
L1260168 L1260166 L1260173 L1260179
L1260187 L1260190 L1260194 L1260196
L1260198 L1260201 L1260215 L1260222
L1260223 L1260225 L1260227 L1260229
L1260233 L1260234 L1260236 L1260242
L1260247 L1260245 L1260249 L1260257
L1260256 L1260261 L1260262 L1260265
L1260274 L1260275 L1260290 L1260283
L1260284 L1260285 L1260287 L1260313
L1260305 L1260310 L1260315 L1260324
L1260317 L1260318 L1260319 L1260321
L1260323 L1260325 L1260328 L1260737
L1260738 L1260742 049 L1260565
L1260567 L1260354 L1260355 L1260361
L1260362 L1260363 L1260364 L1260369
L1260371 L1260376 L1260381 L1260383
L1260384 L1260391 L1260394 L1260393
L1260397 L1260399 L1260400 L1260405
L1260411 L1260417 L1260412 L1260418
L1260403 L1260404 L1260423 L1260424
L1260425 L1260431 L1260435 L1260434
032 L1260484 L1260466 L1260467
L1260468 L1260470 L1260473 L1260478
L1260480 L1260483 L1260490 L1260492
L1260495 L1260500 L1260504 L1260505
L1260510 L1260522 L1260523 L1260528
L1260535 L1260538 L1260539 L1260540
L1260543 L1260546 L1260548 L1260549
L1260551 L1260552 L1260555 L1260559
L1260560 L1260561 L1260573 L1260586
L1260587 L1260591 L1260592 L1260596
L1260598 L1260611 L1260621 L1260628
L1260630 L1260634 L1260637 L1260640
L1260642 L1260643 L1260661 L1260665
L1260668 L1260672 L1260673 L1260677
L1260679 L1260680 L1260684 L1260694
L1260696 L1260700 L1260703 L1260704
L1260715 L1260706 L1260710 L1260711
L1260713 L1260719 L1260735 L1260733